These perfectly hand sized round bars are perfect if you need a smaller soap bar for a handbasin or a holiday. they are also great if you would just like to try out one of the soap varieties without buying a large bar.



80g Round Soap Bars

SKU: Round Bar
Soap varieties
  • Using Your Soap

    Handmade soaps are very different from commercially made soaps which are compressed and more often than not contain exclusively if not a very high quantity of palm oil which produces a hard bar of soap but little else.


    Handmade soaps are essentially hardened blocks of a combination of oils with other ingredients including essential / fragrance oils added.


    When using them it takes a bit of getting used too, that actually only a few turns of the soaps in the hand are usually enough and as you rub your hands together the lather increases ,so unlike 'normal' soaps not a lot is needed.

    If you enjoy coupious amounts of lather,as I do,then use a bath scrunchie or natural sponge . I have these available though I am sourcing non plastic versions currently and these will be available soon. Please see my accessories page for these.


    Caring For Your soap : Between uses allow the bar to dry out throughly or they will go soft if let in water or in a humid place and will not last nearly as long.

    Draining soap dishes available too on the accessories page.


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