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 Using Shampoo Bars


Transitioning from using shampoo to shampoo bars can take a bit of getting used to.

For both you and your hair,bless it it has an addiction you need to break.

Your hair may have become used to the chemicals and silicone found in bottle of shampoo. So first expect that your hair my put up a fight the change it faces. It's 'old' shampoo will have firstly been stripping away the natural oils that your scalp produces and then artificially coating the hair shaft with silicone to smooth the hair down cuticles to make is seem smooth and under control.

But it was really in a tight-jacket and for a while it might freak out when released from it's silicone prison.

This transition differs from one person to another and may last from a couple of washes to a month or more depending on the condition of the hair and how coated the hair shafts are,

so be persistent and hang in there,it will be worth it. 

Try different shampoo bars to find the bar that works best for your hair type.

Shampoo bars reveal the true nature of your hair but you may need to strip away any residues first and then give you hair time to adjust  re-balancing the oils the scalp produces. As the scalp has been overproducing sebum to compensate for the oils being stripped away you may find that your hair becomes very greasy or conversely may even seem dry.

Be patient while it goes through withdrawals.



The first time you use a shampoo bar consider wetting the hair with a diluted solution consisting of a pinch  baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) dissolved in warm water and rinse hair prior to shampooing,

this will help to strip away some of build up of chemicals & silicone.

This wash can be carried out once a month to remove any build up.


 Work up a good lather either on your hands or on a body buff or sponge then apply to hair to wash,

this will work better initially than rubbing the soap straight onto your hair, as rinsing out all of the shampoo is very important ,so better distribution of lather will be is easier.

Once you have your lather,  wash as normal, then be sure to rinse thoroughly and then rinse again.  

As a final rinse consider using a bit of Apple Cider vinegar or lemon juice diluted in the rinse water , this slightly acid rinse can be very beneficial helping with tangling and restoring the hairs natural PH balance.

The smell of the ACV will be gone as soon as your hair is dry.

Some people find that some Citric Acid dissolved in warm rise water works better for them. 


Hard water can also affect the outcome of how your hair feels and may make it feel waxy and or sticky. Consider using distilled water if this continues to be a problem.


You may find that you no longer need any form of conditioner but initially while you are getting used to the shampoo bar you may find it helpful to use use a natural silicone free conditioner or hair oils to condition.

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